Digital Hub

Digital and Innovation Hub

Over the past decade, there has been a dramatic increase in access to mobile devices and significant

improvement in information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure in sub-Saharan Africa

(SSA). During this time, there has also been increasing attention on the application of data science

methodologies and mobile health (mHealth) to address crucial challenges within the continent. Created in

2021, the HRF Digital Technology and Innovation Hub (DITEICH) aims to leverage advances in data

science methodologies and the proliferation of mobile phones in SSA to develop innovative solutions that

address the continent’s most challenging and pressing health needs, including environmental health.

Our areas of interest

  • Data science and artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Web design and Mobile application
  • Cyber security
  • Health, healthcare delivery and health information management (including data collection and


  • Environmental health and climate change

Management Team


Director: Dr Aminkeng Z. Leke


Senior Engineers

  • Lekunze Stanley Enow
  • Nde Lucien


Our volunteers are mainly young graduates who seek to provide voluntary service to the Hub and
intend to fine-tune their skills. Volunteers have full access to all resources of the Hub, participate in
various projects according to their interests, and are mentored by senior engineers. Over time, some
volunteers may eventually join the Hub as permanent staff.

Criteria to become a volunteer

  • Have a minimum entry-level skill in our area of interest
  •  Be ready to voluntarily commit the minimum required amount of time (as shall be
    agreed) with no expectation of remuneration.
  • Be ready to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and our terms of engagement

How to become a volunteer

  • Ensure you meet our volunteer criteria above
  • Fill out our volunteer request form
  • Give us at least 24 hours to determine whether you meet our criteria and your interests
    are aligned with ours.
  • Attend our 30-minute joining meeting and sign the required documents
  • Attend the orientation session and join our volunteer community