Centre for Positive Ageing (CPA)

Ageing in Cameroonian societies has over the years been recognized as a blessing to both the individual and their family. The elderly people have traditionally been very respected in the families and communities and are always consulted in all family and community matters. However, changes in current times are threatening this age-old culture. Without formal structures to equip individuals and communities with scientific knowledge on the ageing process the public health, education and social systems are not adequately equipped to address the rapidly changing ageing issues in the country.

The Centre, therefore, seeks to lead and support interprofessional and intersectoral projects in the field of ageing. It also aims to promote a positive ageing culture across all demographic groups in the community.

Professionals from HRF developed the first curriculum in Cameroon to train geriatric nurses in BUIB. The successful model was published as a medical education innovation by the Medical Education Journal in November 2013 (See: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/medu.12350).