The concept of HRF was born in 2007 as a potential solution to the near absence of published research among the new generation of health professionals in Cameroon. HRF was conceived as a platform that could support research development and evidence-based practice directly through research projects and indirectly through capacity building for institutions and professionals.

We conducted many small peer initiatives between 2007 and 2011 to expose colleagues and peers to the integration of research evidence into their practice. We obtained accreditation from the Ministry of Territorial Administration through decision No. 298/G.37/-D14-/-1–/VOL-T-/BAPP of 19 Sep 2011 from the regional services in Limbe SWR Cameroon. With the acute lack of sustainable mentorship opportunities, HRF remained focused on low key activities until 2018. With the availability of more competent professionals with rich educational experiences from the United Kingdom, USA and other advanced countries, we reorganised HRF in order to benefit from these professionals and their networks.

Our initial focus was on health professionals, but the factors that influence the health of individuals and communities cut across all walks of life. HRF therefore had to take into consideration, the diverse and complex webs of seemingly unrelated factors that affected the well being of individuals and communities.

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