Mission and Vision

Our Vision

The vision of HRF Buea is of a world where education truly leads drives personal and community development, continuous improvement of quality of life and promotion of humanity.

Our Mission

The mission of HRF Buea is to:

  • Promote the highest standards and combat fraud in education and professional practice
  • Transform lives through the innovative and multisectoral, integration of education and research in daily individual and community operations
  • Connect professionals and community stakeholders to synchronise education/research initiatives to community needs and expectations
  • Create a safe environment to promote exchanges towards intellectual, professional and community development
  • Create a never-ending network of enlightened agents of positive change

The strategic goal of HRF is to create a multidisciplinary platform that uses applied research to lead change in health care. This is to be achieved through projects that target health professions education, health professions practice; health and health-related research; professional advocacy; social accountability and community participation; and recognition of excellence in the areas targeted.