On Saturday, November 14, 2020,  Health Research Foundation Buea  hosted the 2020 Association of Nurse Educators Cameroon Leadership Meeting. The meeting which started at 2pm  focused on “The Role of Nurse Educators in Advancing Nursing Professional Growth in Cameroon.

The meeting took place at the HRF conference room located at the top floor of the legend photo building opposite the University of Buea Junction. The workshop was attended by 21 people from 14 government, academic, professional, and private sector organizations.

The workshop aimed to assess how existing nurses, health educators and health training institutions can be expanded or modified to integrate approaches in  treating nurses who will be able to operate at the required competency level throughout their careers as a nurse or as a nurse educator. 

During the workshop, the President of HRF-Buea Dr Maboh Michel made a presentation on “Nurse Educators as a Professional Leaders” and stating how the nursing profession in Cameroon  has evolved over the last 2 decades.  Participants reviewed and explored means through which the nursing profession in Cameroon can be improved upon through a plenary panel and small group work.

The energy in the room was palpable. Participants worked together as a health community to examine and assess how our current health initiatives and platforms can be expanded or modified to integrate realistic, feasible approaches that can transform the nursing profession in Cameroon as well as improving the lives of the nurses/nurse educator in terms of working conditions, salaries, and recruiting procedures.

Dr Maboh in his closing remarks encouraged the participants to join HRF-Buea in working together to improve professional standards in Cameroon. 

Key objectives were for participants to:

1. Identify at least two novel approaches to improve nursing profession in Cameroon.

2. Point out successful approaches for the improvement of nursing training in Cameroon.

3. Describe the interrelationship between nurses and other medical professionals.

4. Identify at least two educational-based initiatives that utilize task-sharing as an approach to build integrated nursing programs.


The workshop was made possible through the sponsorship and support of the Health Research Foundation Buea and its dedicated, hardworking team.

About Health Research Foundation Buea: HRF-Buea is a an organisation that uses research to lead change in health care, through projects that target health professions education, health profession practice; health and health related research; professional advocacy; social accountability and community participation; and recognition of excellence in the areas targeted.

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