Organizational Structure

HRF has the following structures: advisory board (drawn from different backgrounds), executive board (that handles business) and the council of friends (interested volunteers and patrons)

Functional Structure

HRF carries out its activities through a number of centres:

    • Centre for Positive Ageing
    • Centre for Maternal and Child Health
    • Centre for Innovation in Education and Research Development
    • Centre for Professional Integrity and Excellence
    • Centre for Social Accountability and Community Development
    • Centre for Herbal Medicine Research

Centres operate under the guidance of a core team that is empowered to generate, implement and supervise projects within their spheres. Centres usually co-opt external human resources and partner with other institutions as needed to advance the strategic plan of HRF.

Tax Status

HRF is registered as a non-profit organization. However, in the execution of its tasks, HRF can render services to the public which are charged on a cost-recovery basis. In the event of the development of models and products of commercial value, the proceeds from such will go to funding the organization.