Cameroon Online Educators Fellowship Programme

Project Description

This project entitled “Strengthening University E-Learning Capacity: A Train-the-Trainer Project for Private Higher Education Institutions in the South West Region of Cameroon” targets administrators and academic staff in higher education. The academic administrators will receive capacity building for online education policy development and implementation, while academic staff will receive training in developing and adequately delivering online teaching content.

Project Goals

The goal is to support academic and administrative staff to create a robust online learning environment for learners in Cameroon through a sustainable Train-the-Trainer programme.

Project Objectives

  • Train academic staff on designing and developing course content for online learning using best practice standards and guidelines.
  • Train academic staff on applying best practice standards and guidelines to deliver course content online
  • Provide advisory support/mentorship to academic staff in the development of an online course.
  • Train programme and school administrators to recognize that online learning has equal benefits and outcomes as traditional face-to-face course delivery methods.
  • Train programme and school administrators to develop and implement appropriate policies and infrastructure support for online education within their institutions
  • Establish an online education community of practice for academic staff and administrators to facilitate dissemination of knowledge, provide peer support and promote sustainability.
  • Establish an open-source repository of online learning content and resources.

Project Team

The institutions involved in the project include Biaka University Institute of Buea, Drexel University PA-USA and Health Research Foundation Buea. Team members includes Dr Maboh M Nkwati, Prof Frances Cornelius, Dr Aminkeng Leke, Prof James Portwood, and Prof Cheryl Portwood.

Funding Information

Project is funded by the US Embassy Yaounde – PAS-CMR-FY20-08