Promoting Social Accountability in Health Professions Education

HRF researchers collaborated with colleagues at the Biaka University Institute of Buea to develop a student nurse-led model of social accountability in schools for health professions training. The ENACIER (Empower, Negotiate, Assess, Collaborate, Intervention, Evaluation and Report) model includes a short special training prior to deploying student nurses in rural communities for their community health internship. That training prepares the students to be able to mobilise communities to address needs that affect their individual and collective health. Through this, students have been able to mobilise communities to build their own pipe-borne water systems, preserve water catchment, manage diabetes etc.

Introduced since 2012, this model has led to a number of published projects and is now also being introduced into different schools for health professionals. The HRF Centre for Innovation in Education and Research Development is currently working to get as many schools of health professions education to implement the model.