The StarMum project seeks to empower pregnant women to take charge of their health, and monitoring their pregnancy with the goal of reducing preterm births and other adverse pregnancy outcomes. The project team includes Dr. Leke Aminkeng, Dr. Maboh M. Nkwati, Mrs. Nyenti Pauline, Mrs. Susan Aminkeng, Mrs. Lerry Dibo, Miss Nkwati Elsa-Rita. The main tool for implementing the project is the StarMum  app.

StarMum App

It has six key functionalities:

  1. Facilitate education on pregnancy; 
  2.  Host  key individual patient records to facilitate easy retrieval;
  3. Weekly self-evaluation and automatic feedback (including a baby movement monitor module and mechanism to detect problems);
  4. Ability to set appointments and reminders;
  5. Estimate of gestational age, expected date of delivery and notification/reminders on key pregnancy milestones (e.g. antenatal visits, vaccine doses, etc.) to help enforce compliance to WHO recommended standard of care during pregnancy;
  6. Peer support through a chat forum. 


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