The HRF team was recently at Alpha Higher Institute Douala- Deido campus, to drill staff and potential graduating nurses on the value in registering for Continuous Professional Development courses on the HRF-WCEA platform.

HRF’s team did this drill during the recent Continuing Education programme organised by the Cameroon Nurses Association in partnership with the Alpha Higher Institute Douala, Deido campus.

Speaking at the Conference, Health Research Foundation’s Project Coordinator, Brian Aboringong, outlined several benefits of the continuing education platform provided by the partnership between Health Research Foundation and the World Continuing Education Alliance.

The access to thousands of free and relevant courses, keeping up to date with the recent developments in healthcare and the value in gaining CPD certifications were some of the many benefits of the HRF-WCEA platform outlined during the programme.

At the end of the presentation, graduating nurses, teachers and practicing health professionals registered on the platform to access the numerous courses provided by the HRF-WCEA platform. Registrations on the platform are ongoing at

It is worthy of mention that Health Research Foundation Buea (HRF) and the World Continuing Education Alliance (WCEA), recently signed a partnership to make the WCEA platform accessible to health professionals in Cameroon at no cost, i.e. free of charge.

Other themes covered at the conference included, employment law, writing a CV, leadership and entrepreneurship in healthcare amongst many others.

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